SUPERSIDE technology

The angles are the most vulnerable places of the handle. It is precisely with strikes in these areas that the probability of breakdown is greatest. In order to protect the handle of the hockey sticks ZRD we have applied the SUPERSIDE technology. Additional strengthening of the angles from the inside with special composite strands has a positive effect on the increase in the resource of the stick.

BASTION technology
A specially developed polymeric covering that protects the carbon from shock influences which provoke shatters and stratifications of a constructive material. The coating applied over the entire surface of the stick is designed to extend the life of the ZRD hockey sticks and maintains its graphics.

ZRD sticks are made only from high-quality carbon fiber, which serves as a guarantee of the highest performance characteristics that professional-grade models must possess. The combination of more than 20 layers of multidirectional carbon fiber and 3K weaving allows you to create a lightweight and durable stick, which you can give your intended gaming properties.

MONOLITH technology
Creating the ZRD sticks, we use the most modern technology that meets the highest production standards. The MONOLITH technology allows you to connect the handle and the blade without additional elements and create sticks with a completely cast construction.

An additional stiffening rib, which acts as a frame running along the entire perimeter of the stick blade, provides additional stiffness. The use of the twisting effect of carbon fiber has significantly increased the torsion stiffness of the blade and gave it maximum stability when making a throw.

MULTI RIBRS technology
Inside the blade there are two longitudinal stiffeners extending from its heel part to the toe. These elements provide the basic spatial stiffness of the blade, allowing it to withstand the extreme loads when performing the hardest slap shots. The changed position of the fibers of carbon fiber and the serious optimization of its work made it possible to achieve peak stiffness at maximum load: the stronger the effect on the blade is, the harder it becomes. This feature allows you to take the stick a little softer and it becomes extremely hard when you slap.

ULTRA FOAM technology
The updated ULTRA FOAM technology is located between the strength elements of the blade, implemented in the framework of MULTI RIBS and PROTECTED PERIMETER technologies. High-tech foam of the second generation allowed to significantly raise all the key characteristics of the hook.


curvature of KOVALCHUK 3-17
actively gaining popularity curvature (the analogue of P-28)
angle: 5
depth: 12 mm
curvature type: middle
plane: closed
features: all types of killing shots and puck control

curvature of MOZYAKIN 3-10
the most popular curvature among forwards (the analogue of P-92)
angle: 5.5
depth: 12 mm
curvature type: middle
plane: slightly open
features: puck control, stickhandling and feints, wrist shots of all types

curvature of ZARIPOV 3-25
individual curvature of Danis Zaripov

angle: 6

depth: 12 mm
curvature type: toe
plane: closed
features: puck control, sharp shots on the upper corners, passes and shoth in touch

curvature of MEDVEDEV 3-82
the most popular curvature among quarterbacks (the analogue of P-02)
angle: 5.5
depth: 12 mm
curvature type: heel
plane: open
features: sharp slap shot, checking, board play


The "T" line combines models with a mid-kick point. Sticks with this profile are distinguished by a high level of versatility, which allows them to take an intermediate place between the AK and C lines. The T family is a good balance between the sharpness and strength of the shot, which is suitable for players who want to get the best from the AK and C lines in one.
Models T90 and T72 allow you to make sharp enough shots and feel confident when performing hard slap shots.
The traditional rectangular shape of the handle gives the grip maximum reliability and does not allow it to rotate when making shots and slap shots.

The “C” line combines models with a high kick point. This profile allows you to achieve the maximum seep inflection of the handle, which makes it possible to obtain a win in the strength of the shot.
In the renewed C400 and C300, we substantially reworked and optimized the operation of the handle in order to achieve better energy transfer efficiency, so that the force exerted by the player was realized at maximum shot strength.
Models C400 and C300 are ideal for bullets, hard slap shots and one-touch slap shots, performed with a maximum wind-up amplitude.
The traditional rectangular shape of the handle gives the grip maximum reliability and does not allow it to rotate when making bullets and hard slap shots.

The "AK" line combines models with a low kick point, which gives the sticks maximum responsiveness to the load.
In the renewed AK47 and AK12, we substantially reworked and optimized the operation of the handle to achieve the fastest possible response.
All of these updates have allowed us to create a stick that is perfect for sharp wrist shots and slashes, with the small amplitude of wind-up.
The rounded shape of the handle ergonomically falls into the hands and allows you to facilitate the implementation of the elements of dribbling.

Recommended FLEX in accordance with the height and weight of the player

the FLEX of the stick

horizontally - height of the player (cm)
vertically - weight of the player (kg)